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Pittosporum Phillyreoides
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Research has already been done and is currently
underway by universities and relevant scientific
bodies, to validate the claims already known to be
true by the users of the age-old Aboriginal natural
remedy, called Gumby Gumby.

University Research

The University of Greifswald Research Centre in Berlin,
Germany has done an investigation and the following
is an excerpt from their report.

Investigation into one of Australia's native plant
remedies - Gumby Gumby

Conclusion: The extract of Gumby Gumby leaves is a
very potent anti-cancer agent. It is very potent
against human tumor cells. Further investigation and
research is required to identify the actual element
responsible. [
Read more of the paper...]

Laboratory Studies

Laboratory tests have so far shown the following:
Rats induced with cancer and fed Gumbi Gumbi liquid
extract in lieu of water have shown definite signs of
recovery compared to those fed water only. Cancer
cells in culture have reacted very favorably to the
application of Gumby Gumby extract. This has led to
human clinical trials.

Research Teams

There are also a private research teams of certified
naturopaths, Gumby Gumby growers, holistic health
professionals and supporters of alternative medicine
who are undertaking research with the help of
European and Australian universities, through
discussions with Aboriginal elders, and by sifting
through mountains of anecdotal evidence, online and

One team from Queensland, Australia, has spent
many years researching this plant, drove thousands of
kilometers and collected Gumby Gumby from the bush.
They are now in the process of propagating Gumby
Gumby and testing to ensure that "farmed" Gumby
Gumby retains the same curative properties as that
grown in the wild.
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