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How and where to find Gumby Gumby Products

Currently there exists a cottage industry for Gumby
Gumby products in Australia. People scour the bush
collecting leaves and selling them or their homemade
products to the public at markets, in local health
stores or by word of mouth. Some offer their Gumby
products in newsgroups and internet forums.

There are many names for Gumbi Gumbi products and
it doesn't matter how they are called – Gumby Gumby
Tea, Gumbi Gumbi Liquid, Gumby Gumby Extract,
Gumbi Gumbi Tonic, Gumby Salve, Gumbi Cream, Gumbi
Gumbi Lotion, Gumby Gumby Bath or Gumbi Gumbi
Bubble Bath. They are all made from the same plant.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that what is
offered is, in fact, the correct variety or has any
aromatic taste. So it's very important to inquire if
Gumbi Gumbi products that are for sale are made
100% from the original Gumbi Gumbi (Pittosporum
Phyllireaoides) leaves, the "Variety 1" on the "What is
Gumby Gumby?" page.

So far we've found only one producer/seller of original
Gumby Gumby products on the internet, who sells not
only locally, but also ships orders worldwide. They are
holding a worldwide patent on the leaf liquid and their
developed products.

We inquired about the medical use of their products
and were told that they are sold as food supplements
and cosmetical applications and are classified under
the "Food Standards Australian New Zealand FSANZ"
and the "Cosmetic Standards ICNA".

We also compiled a link list for your own research and
product search. We will add to it as we find new
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