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What is Gumby Gumby?

Gumby Gumby is a rare member of the botanical family
Pittosporum. It is a shrub or small tree native to
Australia. Gumby Gumby or Gumbi Gumbi was the name
given to one particular variety, Pittosporum
Phylliraeoides, by the Aborigines.

These trees are drought and frost resistant with a deep
root and have an erect form growing 7 to 8 meters in
height. The most common of these has a blackbutt.
They thrive in good soil and like plenty of water. They
will survive in most soil types.

Examples of varieties:

Variety 1 - The original Gumby Gumby tree. This tree is
not common. It has a smooth grey white bark with
silver white speckles. The smooth bark is continuous
into the ground. This is an erect form of the species
with a deep taproot. It grows to 25 ft with a compact
crown and a spread to 8 - 10 ft. The leaves are long
and very narrow with a ratio of about 15 : 1.

Variety 2 - This tree is most common. It closely
resembles variety 1, but has a rough blackbutt from as
little as 6 inches to 3 feet or more.

Variety 3 - This tree is similar to variety 2. The silver
white speckle and the area around it is raised (like
mole). The leaf is large with a ratio of about 10 : 1.

Variety 4 - (Very bitter/Too Strong) This tree is similar
to variety 2, but has black blotches on the bark.

Variety 5 - (Very mild/Not strong enough) Similar to
variety 2. It has a grey rough butt instead of black. It
has the largest of the leaves and flower for a longer
time any other.

Variety 6 - (Unknown taste) Only one of these trees is
known to exist in Central Queensland. It has a shorter
trunk with spreading dense foliage. The bark is similar
to variety 4. The silver white speckle only is raised.

There are many variations and to avoid confusion the
following names also refer to EXACTLY the same
Australian Native Plant.

- Pittosporum Phylliraeoides
- Pittosporum Angustifolium
- Gumbi Gumbi
- Gumbi
- Gumby Gumby
- Native Apricot
- Cumbi Cumbi
- Weeping Pittosporum
- Meemeei
- Cattle Bush
- Bitter Bush
- Butter Bush
- Berrigan
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