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Pittosporum Phillyreoides
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We would like to introduce you to an Australian plant
that is part of the Aboriginal Bush Medicine, which
gains more and more popularity in Australia and
throughout the world. This plant, Pittosporum
Phylliraeoides, is more commonly known as Gumby
Gumby or Gumbi Gumbi.

The Aboriginals and Torres Strait Island people believe
in Gumbi Gumbi and its healing secrets for over 50,000
years. They used a variety of remedies like wild herbs,
plants and seeds, animal products, steam baths, mud,
massages, amulets and ritual chants. Some of these
remedies have no empirical basis, but reports from
colonists show that they worked.

Many of those remedies did in fact heal. Aromatic
herbs, seeds, tannin-rich inner barks and kinos have
well documented therapeutic effects. For example
kino, the gum that is produced by Eucalyptus, is used
by Aborigines in a tea for treating colds.

Other plants undoubtedly harboured alkaloids or other
compounds with pronounced healing effects.
Unfortunately, very few native remedies have been
tested systematically, and most of the knowledge
about the nature of Aboriginal medicine has been lost.

Now research teams around the world are looking into
Aboriginal medicine and native plants as an alternative
to modern medical treatments and remedies, especially
for cancer. Their various tests have found promising
results so far. Some are published, some still remain
unpublished due to ongoing research with final results

This website is meant as a helpful start for those
looking into alternative medicine and into the benefits
of Gumby Gumby particularly. You will find information
about research and the medical use of Gumby Gumby,
and a link page for your own research. We also will try
to find sources for Gumby Gumby products. We will
add information and new links whenever we'll get
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